32th European Immunogenetics and Histocompabiliry Conference

25th Annual Meeting of the Italian Society for Immunogenetics and Trasplantation Biology (AIBT)

Venice Lido, May 9-12, 2018


The conference center of Venice Convention manages the historic buildings of Venice Lido Casino and Palazzo del Cinema.

Venice Lido Casino

Lungomare Guglielmo Marconi, 1861
30126 Lido (VE)

Exhibition, Catering and Poster Area will be located here.

The Venice Lido Casino was built in 1938 in the Quattro Fontane area, where stood the old fort that was partially demolished and partially incorporated. In addition to the Palazzo del Cinema, which opened the year before, the initial design of the engineer Eugenio Miozzi also included an indoor pool, but it was never completed. The monumental gambling house in the rationalist style was connected to Palazzo del Cinema and the Excelsior by an underground path. The interior was decorated with marbles and artistic glasses made by well-known furnaces of the lagoon. It was used as a summer residence of the Venice Casino until the '90s, then closed with the introduction of the new Casino Ca' Noghera on the mainland on 2000.


Palazzo del Cinema

Lungomare Guglielmo Marconi, 1861
30126 Lido (VE)
Opening Ceremony and Plenary Sessions will take place here.
The Palazzo del Cinema at Venice Lido is the main facility and screening theatre of the Venice Film Festival. It was built according to the modernist trends of the 1930s, and inaugurated on 10th August 1937 on the occasion of the fifth edition of the festival. The Palazzo was enlarged in 1952 by adding a new facade and entrance hall. A few years later, Federico Fellini said that for a film director, “entering the Palazzo del Cinema at the Venice Film Festival was like passing a final exam.